Vans ServiceCare offers

Depending on your specific van servicing requirements, Mercedes-Benz Vans ServiceCare offers makes your servicing choice simple and flexible by providing capped price servicing through ‘Pay as you go’ or ‘Pay upfront’ payment options.

Payment Options

Vans ServiceCare Plan ('Pay upfront')

Whether you own one vehicle or operate a large fleet, planning and controlling your operating costs is important. A Mercedes-Benz Vans ServiceCare Plan can help you do that by offering a range of maintenance and repair options at a pre-determined, transparent and competitive price that provides an added benefit for payment of your servicing upfront.

Be sure to use Mercedes-Benz Vans ServiceCare offers to ensure use of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts and Service to maximise reliability and protect your investment.

Vans ServiceCare Promise ('Pay as you go')

Whilst under warranty, rest assured that you wont pay more than the maximum service price on your vehicle at participating dealers.